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With Pia Lammers CCHt

Does Your Life Seem A Little Off Track?

Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of issues, these are a few examples.


Childhood trauma, abuse, traumatic experiences…

Anxiety / Stress

Depression, worry, self love, belief, self sabotage…

Anger Management

Frustration, road rage, self harm, blaming…

Fears / Phobias

Heights, driving, dogs, spiders, public speaking, crowds…


Dealing with divorce, empty syndrome, jealousy, abuse…


Sugar, shopping, gambling, alcohol…

Habits / Disorders

Insomnia, bladder control, jaw clenching…

Psychic Paranormal

Meet your spirit guide, connection to the other side, psychic protection…

Body Image

Living with disfigurement, accepting baldness, height confidence…


Death, loneliness, survivor’s guilt…

Personal Development

Patience, imposter syndrome, hoarding, sports and career goals

Health Issues

Migraines, IBS, Sexual Issues such as erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, sexual enjoyment, fear of being naked…

Hypnotherapy Provides Different Ways To Help

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Sit down for face-to-face sessions as I guide you through your own unique journey.

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Remote sessions are available through a number of different media such as phone, zoom, and more.

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Ask about one of our group events or sessions where you have the opportunity to share a transformative experience with other like-minded people.

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Happy Client Reviews

These are a few of the amazing people I have been fortunate enough to work with over the past few years.

Jessi Peters
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"Pia is incredible!! I have pretty bad PTSD and have been working with a psychologist for 3 years, and I've had 3 hypnotherapy sessions. It honestly feels like I've gotten a year's worth of healing in 3 sessions, no joke. It's hard to describe how all this healing feels, but it's partly like having an absolutely huge weight lifted off you, while simultaneously realizing that all that trauma you have is actually not that big a deal, and that you are more than capable of either healing it or letting it go. I feel much more free and at ease. I'm even hopeful for an earlier return to work! If you're nervous about trying something different, I'd say go for it. Pia is really kind and thoughtful, and the whole process is really relaxing. This woman is giving me my life back."
Nicole Dumont
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"My personal experience has been life changing. I have been on a deep personal healing journey for the past 3 years. Identifying and releasing layers until I hit a brick wall. I've had multiple trauma experiences my entire life and have been through all the counseling, doctors, psychologist etc.. over a period of 20 yrs not resolving anything and still opened up repeating patterns. After 2 sessions with Pia we were able to uncover, define and heal a HUGE core wound (abandonment) and discovered that not only how it had affected me this life but it stemmed from a past life and carried forward into this one. I cannot begin to describe how releasing this for good has had such big impact on my thought patterns, confidence and FEELING free from that heavy burden I carried for soooo long. I will be continuing my monthly sessions as this is EXACTLY the type of healing I have been searching for for so long. Pia is an amazing guide on my journey and I am so beyond grateful to have found her."
L Young
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"I decided to try hypnotherapy with Pia to help resolve my ongoing lifelong struggle with insomnia. Interestingly enough, besides addressing the insomnia she intuitively guided me to resolve a deep past traumatic event. As Pia gently and safely guided me into the past I was able to work through and come to a deep peace and understanding of the event. I highly recommend Pia for hypnotherapy, her confident, compassionate, intuitive and safe guidance helped me work through a past issue that I didn’t know how to let go of. The experience has changed my life forever!"
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"I very recently had hypnotherapy sessions with Pia. She opened up my mind and thoughts of my past that are helping me with my PAST fear of heights. I’m looking forward to experiencing new adventures of heights with my wife and family instead of not being able to or even thinking that I can’t go or see certain places or buildings. Thank you Pia for your guidance"

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Attention valued existing and new clientele,

We would like to update you on some information. Youniverse Hypnotherapy is undergoing changes in our business model to better serve clients worldwide. Starting in October 2023, we will only be offering remote sessions online via Telehealth or Zoom. These sessions work in the same way as in-house sessions, but offer the convenience of being in the comfort of your own home and bed. All that is needed for online sessions is a clear WIFI connection, a screen so that we can see you, and a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Thank you for your continued support, Youniverse Hypnotherapy.