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The 6 Stages Of The Hypnotic Trance

The trance state also known as the Hypnotic state is the process of taking a client into a very deep Theta wave state. This state usually takes me about 45min to achieve or shorter depending on how often a client has reached this state with me prior.

The trance state is where the unconscious mind is freed from the critical nattering of the conscious mind and it is now open to suggestion. We need to separate the conscious mind (ego mind) because more often than not this mind tells us stories such as (this will not work, I am not good enough, I can’t be hypnotized), etc.

I hypnotize you down to the third state of mind called the Theta State which brainwaves are in deep relaxation or on their way to a dream-like state. If we continue to Delta State waves you are asleep and Hypnosis can not take place with the Hypnotherapist.

There are different levels a Clinical Hypnotherapist takes in order to achieve the trance state.


Start of relaxation, muscles begin to feel heavy and the first indicator is the dropping of the eyelids and hard to open the eyes.


The client will feel heavy or floating feelings. A certain muscle group is relaxing (dropping of the shoulders, heavy arms, and legs, deep breathing)


The client can only hear my voice and is no longer really aware of what is going on around them, very concentrated on my voice, and visualization starts


Very Relaxed and Hypnotherapist can now use suggestions to change desired habits or behaviors, and can use various scripts as positive affirmations (quit smoking, stop nail biting, fear of driving, etc)


The positive visualization stage and connecting to your higher self, guides, angels, god, or to loved ones (different depending on clients’ spiritual beliefs) This is where we can go back into Age and Past Life Regression and connect to ppl and places we have been before. Some have been forgotten until now, but the subconscious mind holds all our information like a filing system.


The very deepest level of trance, is where you are taken back to the past to get to the root of the behavior or pattern. You go back into this part of your lifeline and change your story. You go in to accept, forgive, let go, understand and take your power back. This is a life-changing phase of Hypnotherapy, as what happens in this stage is always for your greatest good and empowerment. This stage changes the future outcome of your timeline for the most positive.

While in any one of these stages, you as a client are ALWAYS in control and safe. You are doing the work and your Hypnotherapist is your guide to show you the way. You will not go anywhere you do not want to go or see anything you are not ready to see. Hypnotherapy is always used to empower you and to help aid you in finding the answers that are hidden in your own subconscious. Once we finish the session, I count from 5 down to 1 and bring you safely and easily out of the trance hypnotic state.

To get the most out of your hypnotic work, you would just let go of any control and let yourself let go and the possibilities are endless……you can find ANY ANSWERS YOU SEEK …….INSIDE OF YOU.